A school bag with wheels

My little niece had her birthday a few weeks ago. I love her so much and, of course, I asked her what she would like as a present from me. This year she starts primary school, she is all excited about it and naturally she told me she would like a school bag. I was honestly pleased she asked for such a gift to me and was determined to make her the happiest kid on Earth when she would receive her school bag. She loves surprises, so she made it crystal clear from the very beginning that I should choose for her, which made the purchase a bit more complicated. The first problem was the theme: I knew what hero she loved at that time, but what if in a year time she got bored of it? Would she stop using the school bag? Would she be unhappy? It took me a few days before I resolved this problem with the perfect theme for her which would last a couple of years at least. Extremely proud of my genial idea, I headed to the store to buy my gift, but when I entered and saw the hundreds of school bags in front of me, I got speechless. It was my lucky day, though, and an extremely sweet shop assistant saved my day: she knew her stuff so well, and politely answered all my questions, cleared all my doubts and not only! She even explained to me what to search in a good school bag.

Because I was looking for a school bag for a young child, she told me I should definitely buy one with wheels and a long handle, this type of bag allows children to carry heavy weights with minimum effort without the risk of hurting their back. I totally agreed with her, plus most school bags nowadays come with wheels anyway. She then told me it is good if they have many compartments to keep things organised and easy to find. She then went on explaining the technical side: a good school bag needs to be made with good, lasting materials, preferably waterproof and abrasion-resistant; it should have adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back wall to adjust according to the child size.

I left the shop convinced I made the right choice and looking forward to handing my present to my beloved niece. However, when the day arrived, I became a bit nervous: I did not want to see disappointment in that little, lovely face. When she started unwrapping it, I was clearly uneasy and my heart started beating fast, and when she expressed her joy at seeing her new school bag, my thought immediately went to that kind shop assistant. I will always be thankful to her!