Lost luggage and avoiding lost and found problems?

You just got off the plane, arrived at the luggage check area, and waiting for your luggage. You are carefully looking at every similar color and type of luggage on the conveyor belt but yours is not showing up. What to do now? Most likely, you will end up in the lost and found airport office and fill out a lost and found form and pray for receiving a call from them in near future. Good luck then!

Or let us assume that you are traveling by bus, and when you got off from the bus at your stop and looking at the luggage area, but somebody has mistakenly taken your baggage. How can you contact that person?

We can imagine dozens of these lost and found luggage scenarios for different public transportation, interconnected flights, or during your stay in a hotel, etc. 

Most of the airlines pay for certain amounts for the compensation of missing baggage. Every instance of requesting missing luggage is of course a dispute. Airline companies are usually simply going to compensate for the depreciated value of just what you claim you lost, not really the initial price. They are going to start asking for proof, for even luggage that you purchased years back.

However, this is not a total recovery for lost and found luggage problems. Who knows how many lost and found baggage, suitcase, backpack, or wallet are stuffed in the lost and found offices at the airport or train stations all over the world? More than thousands… Yes, indeed.

You may encounter that some people attach some owner information pieces to their luggage. This is a good start for coming up with a solution that would be a preventive measure to find your lost luggage.

ID Tags for Luggage, A Method for Preventing Lost and Found Baggage Problem

Today, however, there is an even better service that deals with all the lost and found baggage problems based on the very same idea of owner information cards of luggage.

By providing unique ID cards for baggage that will be sticked or attached to it, your luggage will have a specially designed ID tag that will not disclose your personal contact information. On the other hand, the company website and phone line information are written on these tags with a shout out for finders. 

Generally, most of the people do not want to deal with lost and found luggage. They may feel too busy for it and consider this process not worthy of their effort. In this service, however, we offer rewards for our finders and state this information explicitly on our ID tags to ensure your lost and found luggage attracts the finder’s attention.

While your information stays private, the finder contacts with us by a few clicks on the web and give the unique code of missing item which is written on the tag. In this way, we can match this item with the owner and contact him/her to verify this incident. And as a successful conclusion, we facilitate the return of lost and found luggage to its owner.

Eventually, thanks to this service, you will experience a lot less stress when you lose your luggage or any kind of personal belonging. These ID tags can be attached to as many objects that you want to protect. The ID tags to prevent losing personal belongings will provide a greater sense of control in your life.…